How to apply

Follow these three steps to begin your grant application.

Then what happens? Full Application and Assessment.

Once you have completed your Initial Application Form, we’ll review it for eligibility. If your application is ineligible we will let you know as soon as possible.

Eligible applicants will be contacted soon after the application deadline and will be advised if their application will be taken forward. If it is, the local Grant Manager will be in touch to discuss the application and will usually arrange a visit to better understand the work of the charity.

The Grant Manager will then advise whether the application will proceed further. If you have applied for an Invest grant, the Grant Manager will invite the charity to complete a full application. No additional application information is required for Enable grants. The decision to award each charity with a grant is made by our grants panel. 

Step 1: Decide which grant to apply for – Invest or Enable.

Read the brief descriptions below on our two grant programmes, Invest and Enable. Before deciding which grant to apply for, visit our Invest and Enable pages to get a full understanding of each programme and its requirements.

Charities can apply for both an Invest and Enable grant at the same time, but can only be in receipt of one grant at any one time.

Any questions? Read our FAQs.


Grants are available for between £10,000 and £25,000 per year, for two or three years

Invest grants provide longer term core or direct delivery funding for eligible charities that are delivering clear outcomes as a result of their work. These grants are from £10,000 up to a maximum of £25,000 per year for two or three years, with the opportunity for continuation funding for a further period – up to six years in total. Applications for Invest grants are accepted in three annual rounds.

Find out more about the type of work our Invest grants fund.


Grants are available up to a total of £15,000 over one or two years

Enable grants provide a great opportunity to strengthen eligible charities so they can deliver more effectively.  Enable grants are up to a total of £15,000 over one or two years, and can reinvigorate charities through funding organisational improvements, development of areas such as leadership and governance, improved systems and demonstrating outcomes. Enable grants can be applied for on an ongoing basis.

Find out more about the type of work our Enable grants fund.

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