Coronavirus and our responsibility as a funder

We know that Covid-19 will present a number of challenges to the charities we partner with. We want to make sure we support you in any way we can during this difficult period so you can continue your vital work without any additional barriers. We recognise in many instances, charities will be even more crucial than ever in providing practical and emotional support and tackling isolation.


We will be supportive and will continue to monitor the situation and our response as a funder over the next few weeks and months. This will include flexibility around funding and reporting, additional support we can offer and how we handle upcoming meetings and events.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Foundation manager, if you don’t know who that is, please contact our team on 0370 411 1223 or


From 17 March 2020, we will be closing our London office and working remotely until further notice. We may experience some delay in communication as we set up all our phone lines and systems for home use. We will make sure to answer all requests as quickly as possible but please bear with us during this period.


For more information please visit:


As the situation and government advice is changing regularly, we will monitor our guidance below and update accordingly.



Access to funding


If you would like to change the focus of your grant so you can respond to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on your service users, we can support you to do this.


We won’t withhold payments if you have not met your outcomes for the year as a result of disruption from Coronavirus. In exceptional circumstances If your next annual payment is due but you can’t complete the monitoring report because of the disruption, we will still release the payment. We’ll follow up once the situation has calmed down to work with you on completing the report.


If you are receiving core funding, you can use this funding in any way you need to deliver your services. If you are receiving project funding, then we can discuss using your funding to support your wider service users through the crisis if this is necessary.


We will also consider a request to amend your grant payments so that you can receive up to 50% of your total grant in one year.


To discuss any of the above, please contact your Foundation manager or our team on 0370 411 1223 or


You can still apply for funding, to start your application please visit our We Fund page.


Additional support


Some of our Enhance support could be provided on an urgent basis to help you through this emergency.


We will also be updating upcoming Enhance support to be delivered via Skype or Zoom where possible so you can continue to benefit from this. Where the support involves multiple people, we will need to postpone this for the time being.


Upcoming meetings and Foundation events


We will aim to conduct all our meetings with you via phone, Skype or Zoom. This will include visits scheduled with your Foundation manager and any existing mentoring relationships with Lloyds Banking Group.


All our upcoming events will be postponed, cancelled or changed to virtual ones. We will be getting in touch with all those registered to attend to give further details.


If you were due to attend an event and already booked travel to do so, please get in touch with so we can reimburse you.



Useful Resources


This guidance is current on 17 March 2020 and will be updated regularly.