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Lloyds Bank Foundation: 1985 - 2020

This year, we mark our 35th anniversary. Find out more about our history and our commitment to supporting small and local charities throughout the years.

On 13th December 2020, Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales marks its 35th anniversary.

Over the years, the Foundation has partnered with small and local charities that support people facing experiencing complex social issues across the UK. Thirty-five years, standing side by side.

This isn’t just a look back at our history. We want to celebrate the work of the small but vital charities who have partnered with us along the way and helped further our vision of a society where people dealing with complex social issues get the help they need to overcome them.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be delving into our archives to speak to some of the charities we funded throughout our history, some of which are now household names. We will also be looking at the ways in which we have helped to influence policy and practice to improve the environment in which charities operate in; and the invaluable support of Lloyds Banking Group who beyond funding, have volunteered their time to raise money, offer expertise, and become mentors and trustees at small and local charities.



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