Charity Mentoring

Charity Mentoring

Strengthening Charities, Developing      People

Strengthening Charities, Developing People

Charity Mentoring harnesses the skills of staff at Lloyds Banking Group to strengthen the small and medium-sized charities we fund, supporting them to become more effective, more robust and more sustainable. At the same time, Lloyds Banking Group colleagues benefit from stretching their skills in new settings, developing new capabilities, and building stronger ties to the communities where they live and work.  

How Charity Mentors Are Supporting Charities:  

Business planning and strategy  Through strategic planning; business planning, tendering for contracts; consortium set-up. 
Income generation and fundraising   With funding bid support/feedback; colleague engagement with fundraising; mergers; contact with sponsors & donors; gift aid accounting; local authority funding; links with local businesses.
Social enterprise  Advising on business development; developing a lending case; commerciality of charity shops; enterprise workshops; developing a commercial focus.
HR  Advising on performance management; systems and controls; line management; defining new roles; succession planning; time management, planning and re-organisation of duties; career progression; leadership; aligning, engaging and stretching a team; delegation and prioritising; self-awareness & impact; colleague culture; defining capabilities, behaviours e.g. resilience to change; root cause analysis; induction.
Financial management  Helping restructure invoicing and accounts systems; improving financial reporting & controls; operational & financial planning.
Governance and management   Supporting the board of trustees; trustee management; strategic working/management; Looking to become a trustee; secure and strengthen trustees; change management; seeking treasurer; impact measurement.
Marketing and communications Helping develop social media strategies; digital strategies; supporting review of the new website; to provide an outline communications framework; improve identity and branding; marketing plan; profile; to critique a press release; marketing/case or support (incl. sourced support); crafting an elevator pitch; training on presentations.
Support for service users  Providing workshops on interviews skills, CV writing, bank job prospects; volunteering in a hostel; collecting goods for service users via branches.
Digital Help with understanding the range of digital opportunities and potential benefits; support with exploring the Charity Digital Code and benchmarking against this; help with developing a digital strategy; guidance on building digital presence and strengthening digital communications

Watch Charity Mentoring In Action

Jo Harris, Group Customer Services Director at Lloyds Banking Group, was matched with Marcia Lewinson, CEO at Women Acting In Today’s Society (W.A.I.T.S):

If you are a charity currently in receipt of an Invest or Enable grant and would like to find out about being matched with a Charity Mentor please contact your local Grant Manager.

If you are an employee of Lloyds Banking Group and want further information about being a Charity Mentor, contact Kay Cameron, Project and Employee Engagement Manager: or call 0370 411 1223.