We have recently reviewed our grant round timings for 2017. Our next Invest round will open on 22nd May 2017.

Paul Streets, Chief Executive of Lloyds Bank Foundation said:

“As one of the UK’s leading community grant maker’s, Lloyds Bank Foundation is committed to developing long term funding relationships with small and medium-sized charities tackling disadvantage in their local communities.

“Three years ago we decided to stop making charities wait a year between grants before they could re-apply to us for funding. We know charities spend a huge amount of time and effort securing financial support from funders and this takes them away from their core purpose of supporting people in need. “We are pleased that we are now offering charities extended Invest grants for up to a maximum of six years.

 “Charities wishing to be considered for an extended Invest grant can request this directly from their Grant Manager at the initial application stage. Decisions are made in principle for the full six year period from the onset. If charities can demonstrate they are still meeting local needs when they approach the end of the initial three-year period, they will be considered for a further three years funding without needing to make a lengthy and formal application.

“By eliminating the need for formal applications for these extensions, these decisions can be made as and when required and do not need to go to our formal grant panel which, to date have run three times a year.  As a result we recently decided to reduce the number of formal grant panels from three to two in 2017.

“Whilst we expect to make a similar level of investment in total throughout the year, we apologise for the late notice of this decision which primarily affects our January 2017 Invest grant application window. We will be proactively contacting any charities who we are aware were planning to apply to inform them of the changes in our timetable. 

“We are proud of our history of supporting small and medium sized charities and we look forward to developing our support for these important organisations making a vital difference to local people. If you have any questions about your existing grant with the Foundation, please contact your Grant Manager in the first instance.”