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We commissioned research (summarised here) to better understand what is happening financially to the good small and medium-sized charities we fund, why this matters, and how we can help these charities to continue supporting those most at risk.

The findings revealed that small and medium-sized charities (with an income between £25,000 and £1m) have been hardest hit by cuts to public funding of the voluntary sector since 2008 and that the damage will be most felt by vulnerable people in the local communities they serve. This evidence is compiled from two new independent reports by NCVO and IPPR North, funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation, and shows for the first time the deep and long lasting effects of reductions in government funding on local charities and the people they support.

At Lloyds Bank Foundation we are committed to working towards these recommendations in our funding practices and to calling upon government to create a level playing field in commissioning for small and medium sized charities so that they can contribute to provide vital services in their local communities. Our findings and recommendations are available here

Download NCVO's Report: Navigating Change

Download IPPR North's Report: Too Small To Fail

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Our report, published in July 2015, details the challenges and opportunities facing charities – in their own words. It’s built upon the responses of 800 grantees to a survey earlier in 2015. These small and medium sized charities tell the story of the intense and multiple challenges that they face, identifying key drivers leading to these pressures. It also highlights what funders and government need to do to enable small and medium sized charities to do what they do best: meet the needs of those most at risk.

Independent funders and government need to step up and provide better support. It’s not necessarily about providing more money, but better money – recognising the vital role smaller charities play in society and the wider social value they bring. We need to level the playing field for small charities and ensure we have a fairer system for all.

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