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Lloyds Bank Foundation report

See how Lloyds Bank Foundation of England and Wales partnered with small and local charities to make a difference in 2018.

Lloyds Bank Foundation is excited to share its 2018 Impact Report demonstrating the life-changing difference the Foundation made through the work of its charities to help no less than 142,000 people overcome complex social issues and rebuild their lives. (You can read more about this on pp.5).

Breaking Disadvantage, Bettering Lives

Breaking Disadvantage2018 marked the final year of the four-year strategy, Breaking Disadvantage, Bettering Lives, in which the Foundation invested £20m in grant funding, capacity building support, and influencing the world in which small charities operate. The Foundation is pleased to have funded 1,380 charities and awarded £73m worth of long-term grants, capacity-building support and programmes and partnerships to influence policy and practice throughout 2014-2018 (pp.15). 

Reaching Further

Reaching Further Beyond the achievements of last year, there’s still a way to go to ease the strain on underfunded, under pressure charities which form the everyday lifelines for those with nowhere left to turn. Last year the Foundation launched Reaching Further, marking a five-year commitment to fund at least 700 charities, for longer, with more money and flexibility to help them develop and influence policy changes to build a society where everyone can access the support they need (pp.17). 

Addressing Long-Term Change

Value Of Small Recognising that long-term change can’t be achieved in isolation, in 2018 Lloyds Bank Foundation presented strong evidence for why investment in small charities makes sense for others through independent research highlighting the ‘Value of Small’ charities and the ‘Quiet Crisis’ that communities, services and charities face due to local authority funding cuts. We will continue to champion the work of small and local charities and raise awareness of the challenges they face with influencers and policy makers to create meaningful, long-term change.


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