Christmas has come early: £4.1m of core costs grants ease the burden for small but vital local charities this winter

Lloyds Bank Foundation has announced its latest grant recipients, awarding over £4.1million to 58 charities across England and Wales to cover their core running costs and salaries.

Lloyds Bank Foundation, which funds and supports small and local charities who - according to latest research are both the ‘first port of call’ and the ‘last resort’ for disadvantaged people – awarded grants around complex social issues such as domestic and sexual abuse (29%), homelessness (14%) and mental health and wellbeing (12%).

The grants of up to £75,000 over three years will help those charities make life-changing impact, not only giving them the vital cash to keep going, but also helping them build on success, reaching more people and working towards crisis prevention as well as providing short-term support.

The grants awarded cover charities working across arrange of complex social issues including domestic and sexual abuse (29%), homelessness (14%) and mental health and wellbeing (12%).

The Foundation’s approach to funding is supported by independent research showing that small charities face significant challenges despite the distinctive benefits they bring the people and communities they serve. Currently 84% of local government funding goes to larger charities, with local authorities faced with ever shrinking budgets. When it comes to providing services to their most disadvantaged communities, it is often small, over-stretched and underfunded charities left to pick up the pieces.

This final round of funding in 2018 means the Foundation, an independent charitable trust funded by Lloyds Banking Group, ends the year having awarded 320 grants worth over £14.5million charities across the country.

Paul Streets, Chief Executive, Lloyds Bank Foundation said: “As our latest research has shown, there is a quiet crisis facing local authorities. Ever-tighter budgets mean vulnerable people have to rely on the support of local charities even more. They’re not just a ‘nice to have’ – their work is making a vital difference, day in, day out to people’s lives. We’re proud to partner with small and local charities as part of Lloyds Banking Group’s plan to Help Britain Prosper, supporting the costs of their work, strengthening them, and helping raise their voice among the policy-makers and decision-makers their future depends on.”

One charity who received funding was Stockton’s A Way Out. A Way Out received £75,000 to support their Liberty Project – a support programme for women looking to escape sex work in Stockton and Teesside.

Sarah McManus, CEO, A Way Out said: “We are thrilled and very much appreciate the funding and support that the Lloyds Bank Foundation have given to us. The Foundation are one of the very few that provide core funding which is necessary and essential to the ongoing sustainability and delivery of our charitable objects and purpose. Your funding does make such a difference amidst a very challenging external financial landscape; it enables us to reach out, connect and engage those that are being harmed, abused and exploited empowering them to reach their full potential and be safe.

Another of charities the Foundation is now partnering with Refugee Women Connect, a Liverpool charity who work with women refugees who have been awarded a new grant of £75,000. They’ll use this funding to contribute to their core costs including the salary of their Director, allowing them to continue to deliver vital services for 600 refugees and asylum seekers every year.

Alison Moore, Director, Refugee Women Connect said: “With our new grant we want to reach even more isolated women and make sure they are connected to the help and support they need.  We also want to make sure these women have a voice and that their voice is heard by decision makers to bring about much needed change to improve the quality of life and increase access to social justice for these women. Thank you Lloyds Bank Foundation for helping us and the women we are here to support to do this.”

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales partner with small and local charities helping people overcome complex social issues such as mental health, homelessness and domestic abuse. With the Foundation’s support, small charities who are often underfunded, under pressure and too often ignored, are able to make life-changing impact where others can’t.

For more information contact Imthiaz Rehman, Press and Communications Officer on 020 3988 3742.

With our new grant we want to reach even more isolated women and make sure they are connected to the help and support they need

Alison Moore, Director, Refugee Women Connect
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