Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales welcomes the first reading of the Domestic Abuse Bill in Parliament and calls for further improvements

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Lloyds Bank Foundation warmly welcomes the Domestic Abuse Bill as a landmark opportunity to improve the country’s response to domestic abuse. 

We know from the 100 specialist charities that we fund across England and Wales, domestic abuse is a heinous crime and official figures show it affects 2 million people a year with the economic and social costs of abuse estimated at over £66billion per year. 

The Domestic Abuse Bill signifies a major step forward in improving the response to this crime but it’s vital that any new Prime Minister carries this commitment to ensure it reaches the statute book without delay.

As we outlined in our evidence to the Joint Committee, there are areas of the Bill that can and should be improved to maximise its impact. Critically, the Bill must ensure support for all victims and survivors regardless of nationality, immigration status, sexual orientation, disability, other needs or location.

We welcome the Government’s announcement that it will undertake a review into the statutory response to migrant victims of domestic abuse. It’s important that such a review results in concrete protections being introduced to ensure a woman’s immigration status is not used as a tool to further abuse or prevent her from seeking help, as argued powerfully by the Latin American Women’s Rights Service and the "Step Up Migrant Women" campaign.

In the Bill, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner proposed the need to have the powers, resources and independence from Government to ensure they can challenge poor practice, policy and funding and compel action.

We will never effectively reduce abuse without better tackling those who perpetrate it so the Bill must also be accompanied by greater action to challenge perpetrators.

And with the demand for domestic abuse services rising and needs becoming more complex, the Government must ensure adequate resources are available for specialist services and charities nationally and locally to ensure all victims and survivors get the help they need to escape and recover from abuse.


For more information, please contact Press & Communications Officer Imthiaz Rehman on irehman@lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk or 020 3988 3742.

About Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales

Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales partners with small and local charities who help people overcome complex social issues. During 2018 the Foundation distributed £20 million through new and existing grants, supporting more than 900 charities which helped 142,000 people experiencing disadvantage.

Through long-term funding, developmental support and influencing policy and practice, the Foundation helps those charities make life-changing impact. The Foundation is an independent charitable trust funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group as part of their commitment to Helping Britain Prosper.

Tackling domestic abuse has always been a priority for the Foundation which currently supports over 100 specialist charities helping to prevent, reduce and resolve abuse in communities across England and Wales.

Over the last four years, the Foundation has invested over £4m in initiatives with partners to improve policy and practice including to better reduce abuse at source by challenging perpetrators, through investing in the Drive Project, work to improve commissioning and to improve responses to LGBT, disabled and migrant survivors and those with complex needs.

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