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Find out how you can help the sector to call for Government support during the Covid-19 outbreak

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Whether housing the homeless, foodbanks organising deliveries or mental health charities setting up virtual therapy, up and down the country charities are doing amazing things in response to Covid-19. They’re providing the urgent support needed to protect the most vulnerable at a time of national emergency.

Yet many have lost funding. In some cases, up to 50% of charities’ income has disappeared overnight. NCVO estimate charities will lose £4.3 Billion in income due to cancelled fundraising events, closed charity shops and other statutory income streams.

Charities supporting the vulnerable can’t stop. They are needed now more than ever. But they need the Government’s support to be able to stay open, adapt their services and keep paying their staff. 

That’s why we’re proud to support NCVO’s #EveryDayCounts campaign – because every day really does count for small charities when it comes to keeping their services running so they can respond to this crisis.

We’re asking the Chancellor to create an emergency fund to help charities adjust and a ‘stabilisation fund’ for all charities to help them stay afloat, pay staff and continue operating during the pandemic.

Government needs to step in to secure swift, simple and substantial support to charities.  You can add your voice to the #EveryDayCounts campaign by:

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