Lloyds Bank Foundation seeks new partnership to support our work to provide more funding to BAME communities in England and Wales

We are seeking a partner organisation, consultant or consortium to help us fully reflect on our own practice in attracting and assessing applications, and to ensure our approach does not create barriers to BAME-led organisations.

As charities continue to react, learn, and adapt to the diverse needs of the people they support, we have been rethinking and adapting our support and approach to funding. This work has been shaped by the conversations we’ve been having with small charities, our Trustees, and the wider sector.

One thing that has become clear is that minoritised and racialised communities across England and Wales are the most disproportionately affected by the current crisis and, as such, we have a duty to target our support where it is most needed.

We are envisaging a partnership that can help us address this and which lasts until at least January 2021, helping us to achieve our aims and capture the resulting learning, ensuring we embed it into our mainstream grantmaking practice. This might include providing training for our team, developing internal guidance and external messaging.

To find out more on what we are looking for, download our full brief. 

To apply, please submit a short overview of how you would help us to Oliver Williams, Head of Grants (South) before 5pm on Wednesday 8 July 2020. Your submission should be via email and be no longer than 4 sides of A4 and should include:

  • A summary of the skills and experience that will help you successfully deliver this work- you may want to include examples of similar projects you’ve previously undertaken
  • Details of the approach you would take to each of the three phases of work
  • An estimate of the number of days each element would take and the input from our team that will be necessary
  • The cost of this work, broken down so that we can see how you’ve arrived at this figure

Deadline for submission is before 5pm on Wednesday 8 July 2020