Specialist charities vital to tackling domestic abuse says Lloyds Bank Foundation CEO

Following today’s announcement by the Government to reintroduce the Domestic Abuse Bill, Chief Executive of Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales, Paul Streets, said:

“This is a landmark opportunity to improve the response to domestic abuse.

“We know from funding, supporting and partnering with specialist charities across England and Wales, the incredible but often unseen work they do to help survivors of abuse.

“These charities will play a key role in putting any legislation into action so it is critical the Government utilises their wealth of experience and provides the necessary funding for them to continue being a lifeline to survivors experiencing or fleeing abuse.

“The bill must also protect all victims and survivors including migrant women. This is why we’re supporting the Step Up Migrant Women campaign calling for a firewall between reporting abuse and immigration enforcement. A survivor’s immigration status should never prevent them from being able to seek help.

“And to help end the cycle of abuse, we need co-ordinated national action to challenge perpetrators’ behaviour. Which is why we support the Drive Project and urge the Government to join their call to action to publish and fund a domestic abuse perpetrator strategy.”

The Foundation also welcomed the appointment of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner but believes this role must have the powers and resources behind it to be able to make a difference, challenging poor commissioning practice as well as share learning and best practice.

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