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Keep up with the latest news affecting small and local charities and views from our expert teams and partners.

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Peoples and Communities Online Event Screenshot

Learnings and reflections from three years of working with people and communities

28 November 2023

Our online event attracted over 120 people who are involved or interested in bringing about systemic change in their communities. We summarise their views on how to bring about local change.

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People from communities at a workshop meeting for local change

How we evaluated the first three years of working with communities

21 November 2023

Helen Highley shares how consultancy Brightpurpose have been evaluating the Foundation’s work to strengthen local services and systems in six communities across England and Wales. 

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How we’ve responded to feedback from small charities…

07 November 2023

Through regular monitoring, evaluation, and learning from our work we aim to improve our support to small and local charities.

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Duncan Shrubsole At Work And Pensions Committee Benefits Levels Oral Evidence Session

Universal Credit Deductions at the Work and Pensions Committee

14 September 2023

Duncan Shrubsole, our Director of Policy, Communications and Research, talks about Universal Credit deductions at Work and Pensions Committee oral evidence session 

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A man addresses a team during a meeting

Research project: What is the distinct role and value of by-and-for organisations?

08 August 2023

We discuss our plans for researching by-and-for organisations, and the opportunities and challenges of this new research project

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What the data tells us about the small charity landscape

23 June 2023

We refresh the data available on whenever possible. Here are some of our key findings from our most recent refresh this Small Charity Week 2023.

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Unrestricted grants: how are they being used?

21 June 2023

We reviewed 312 monitoring reports form charities to understand how they’re spending their unrestricted grant

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You cannot go it alone

01 November 2022

How bringing together a variety of diverse voices and minds to work together can help achieve sustained change.

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Ngozi Lyn Cole and Bonnie Chiu: Two years later

26 October 2022

Bonnie Chiu and Ngozi Lyn Cole reflect on the Foundation's racial equity journey, two years on.

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Collaboration multiplies the ways that funders can achieve a positive impact

20 October 2022

"Collaboration multiplies the ways that funders can achieve a positive impact" Jim Cooke, Funders Collaborative Hub

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