Grange Day Centre

Grange Day Centre

The Grange Day Centre provides day care and services for the elderly in Newcastle upon Tyne and Northumberland, including offering a programme of arts development that engages service users who would not normally be able to access these activities due to social, financial or physical disadvantage.

The Foundation awarded a £14,930 Enable grant to the Grange Day Centre to support the development of an evaluation framework and the organisation’s website.

Before receiving Enable funding, the Centre’s evidence for success was mostly anecdotal. Funding from the Foundation will allow the charity to develop a framework of measurement to show how its support approach directly enables older people to retain their independence for longer, and share this as a model of best practice among peer organisations.

Michele is Day Centre Manager at the Grange Day Centre:

“In a year’s time, through our Enable funding, we’ll have evidence of good practice that we can show our funders to prove the difference that we make. Hopefully this will also attract more people to use our services because loneliness and isolation amongst our older community residents is a growing problem. We encourage them to take part in activities that aren’t normally associated with elders to be experimental and help them retain their independence through giving them purpose and joy.”

After being diagnosed with alzheimers, Aileen got referred to the Day Centre to stop her feeling isolated:

“When I first came, I was really apprehensive but decided to give it a go after being showed around and meeting the staff here. I loved it. You can take part in so many activities and I really love the pottery. It’s where I met Paddy, who’s my best friend here. Last October we went abseiling and I zip wired too. You get plenty of support, but it meant I had a feeling of freedom and excitement that I thought I wouldn’t feel again.

“I really felt like my life had come to an end when I got my diagnosis, I thought there was no point in going on. The staff here are incredible and have become my friends, I can’t speak highly enough of the Grange Day Centre. Sometimes, when I’m not feeling well enough to come here, I phone up and just have a chat. The Grange is my life saver, it’s my security – it’s my whole support system really. I get to be in a group, chatting, laughing and creating. I can’t imagine not coming here every week.”