IDEAL Community Action Group

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IDEAL Community Action Group

IDEAL Community Action Group provides peer education programmes and work opportunities to help people get out of a life dominated by the chaos of drug and alcohol addiction.

Their grant of £72,433 over three years goes towards the Domino Effect Project - a learning and personal development project, designed, delivered and for people trapped by issues including addiction and homelessness.

Garry Brandrick, co-Founder of IDEAL, told us what makes this local charity unique:
“Everything we do here is peer led. It’s just a good way of passing that knowledge on – learn it, live it, pass it on is our ethos. We’re not a business – we’re about people. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.”

The charity have benefited from our Enhance Programme and were matched with a Lloyds Banking Group Charity Mentor to share skills and expertise.
“The Enhance scheme has been really useful. Paul, our Mentor, came on board and helped our guys start and run a social enterprise that is currently running today” – Garry Brandrick

Paul Jones, Senior Manager, Commercial Banking at Lloyds Banking Group said:
“The energy that people have for their ideas and how they want to move forward means you can really see the essence of your advice and how it’s helping”

Mark participated in the Domino Effect Project and told us about his experience:
“IDEAL has given me a structure from when I didn’t have a structure before. They’ve given me my self-worth and self-confidence back to be able to manage my life and manage my time to come up with something I’m really really passionate about.”

IDEAL from Lloyds Bank Foundation on Vimeo.