Twenty Twenty

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Twenty Twenty

Charnwood Twenty Twenty helps disadvantaged and disengaged young people in Leicestershire to get back into education or find meaningful employment. The Foundation awarded a grant of £75,000 to Twenty Twenty over three years, to contribute towards the salary of their Operations Manager. 

Dan, now 21, was supported to find work by Twenty Twenty after leaving school. He said:

"My life's improved a lot since being at Twenty Twenty. I've changed into a confident, hard-working manager of a restaurant - it's changed my life."

As well as funding, Twenty Twenty received additional support as part of our Enhance Programme, including a Charity Mentor from Lloyds Banking Group.

Dave Box, Local Director for Halifax, provides regular mentoring support to Sarah Ford, Operations Manager at Twenty Twenty, helping her set measurable objectives and improve the organisation's approach to monitoring, and contributing skills from his banking role. 

TwentyTwenty from Lloyds Bank Foundation on Vimeo.