Wild Young Parents’ Project

Wild Young Parents’ Project

The Foundation awarded £116,000 to Wild Young Parents’ Project over five years to contribute towards the salaries of three link workers who will support vulnerable young parents in areas of high deprivation across Cornwall.

WILD runs activity sessions for young mothers and their children, equipping them with practical skills and advice. The appointment of additional link workers will enable the charity to increase the number of young parents who can also receive one-to-one support, and help with issues including advocacy, social work, and mental wellbeing.

90% of the young parents supported by WILD have experienced mental health problems, and 79% have been the victims of domestic violence. The charity is now able to help around 400 families per year; removing them from harmful situations, and helping them to build resilience and support networks, so they can become confident parents and integrated members of the community.

Lauren is the single parent of Tyler who suffers from two heart conditions. These can cause him to become short of breath or for his heart to race, and due to lack of oxygen in his blood his lips sometimes turn blue. He has growth problems and is prone to chest infections and fatigue. Living alone in a new area Lauren has sometimes felt isolated. Her neighbour introduced her to WILD:

“At WILD I have met other mums in similar situations as me and Tyler has the chance to interact with kids his own age. We’ve been swimming, done healthy eating workshops, and we learnt first aid too which is useful because Tyler sometimes doesn’t breathe properly and it’s nice to know what I should do.

WILD recently helped me with my housing issues too. The flat I live in is damp, which is affecting Tyler’s health. They arranged a meeting with the housing authority and my health visitor. They also helped me fill out a welfare assessment, to help me apply for a house back in my hometown. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to get this involved with housing on my own.

If I think of myself in the future, I see us living in a new house, being back at work, providing my son with a warm home. Coming to WILD has changed my life.”