Subco is the best centre I have ever been to. It’s where I come to forget I have problems at home.
I’ve learnt to have a lot more confidence in myself. I just generally enjoy it really. I love coming to work every day
It's made me feel I'm not so different
They haven't just put a roof over my head, they've actually given me skills to progress
It was like walking out of a dark place to a sunny place on the other side
‘Commissioned services come and go based on contracts but we’re here to stay. Our women know we’ll be here no matter how many times they need to start again
If it wasn’t for Top Church I think I’d be homeless now. Lauren helped me grow into an adult and gave me the support and knowledge my parents didn’t - if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t go out my front door.
Hangar Lane was my first step in England. Sometimes I go there still, to remind myself what I’ve gone through and what opportunities I have now.
Every day the staff here were fighting to get us out. They have done so much for me and so many others – so many people have been helped all over the country.
Lloyds Bank Foundation just totally gets it. Beyond the money, the extra support and tools make such a difference, and our Grant Manager, Gary Beharrell, is an absolute legend.
I have a lot to thank them for. They don’t judge, they sit and listen and help. Without this place I’d be stuck; I’d be very lost
I thought violence was normal and I viewed prison as an occupational hazard. Ian helped me get out of that revolving door, and my life is on track for the first time. I just needed someone to pull me back from the brink.’
In small grassroots organisations like ours, we do it because we want to. There’s a passion behind it. Even when the women give up on themselves, we don’t want to do that. We want to continue and continue.
I have no family and when I first came I felt like I’d landed at an airport full of friendly strangers. Now, they’re like a new family.
Behind Closed Doors helped me understand what I’d been through. Before I thought that unless he beat me black and blue I couldn’t ask for help.
I had a rough time the last few years - I was sleeping in a tent, I had no job, no ID. Now my life is totally different - I'm around positive people, I'm focused on getting a job and I’m back in contact with my kids too
Suddenly I was homeless. I didn’t know what to do, or where to go, but I found myself at Wyre Forest Nightstop who helped me when I had no-one else
Without the support of Miss Carol and STAMP I’d have been a lot worse off. I’d probably be behind bars or worse
The staff and volunteers here don’t sit there and judge you, they sit there and advise you.
The staff and volunteers here don’t sit there and judge you, they sit there and advise you.
We’ll keep campaigning until we’ve ensured equal protection for all the migrant and refugee women who are suffering in silence.
They’ve given me the ball and now I’ve got to run with it
Volunteers are essential to the centre, there’s no way we would be able to provide all the services we currently do without them
We empower the individuals we support, putting them and their development needs at the heart of all we do