Beacon House Ministries

East of England

Beacon House Ministries

Beacon House Ministries is a Colchester-based charity that offers services to help homeless people overcome issues that prevent them from securing and maintaining accommodation.

 “Our three-year grant from Lloyds Bank Foundation gives us some sort of stability. We’ve been able to show our trustees for the first time in however long that it is safe to plan for the long-term, and I’ve had time and permission to network and facilitate local relationships that are integral to our success. In the future we’d love to expand our services and continue to be a passageway to progression for the homeless people we meet.” Vivienne Wiggins, Chief Executive

Service user Lacey has found Beacon House Ministries a real support network in turbulent times:
“The people here have always been there for me. When I was in prison, they wrote me letters, so I knew there were people there when I got out. The staff and volunteers here don’t sit there and judge you, they sit there and advise you. I feel really supported here and I’ve been able to build relationships and trust.”

 Alongside their grant, Beacon House Ministries have accessed additional development opportunities through our Enhance programme:
“A broad offer of support like that from Lloyds Banking Group via the Foundation is rare and amazing. I’ve been on a social entrepreneurs course and have a Charity Mentor.” Vivienne Wiggins, Chief Executive

Chris Gardiner, Regional Operations Manager at Lloyds Bank mentors Vivienne Wiggins. Chris said:
“We meet once a month and Vivienne sets the agenda. We’ve covered topics from time management to task delegation."

Vivienne added:
“Chris helps me move forward and carefully consider my options. The trust level is being built, and it’s rare to have this with someone external and knowledgeable. It feels really good to have a critical friend at a senior level so I can have those strategic conversations.”