Elite Paper Solutions


Elite Paper Solutions

Elite Paper Solutions is a social enterprise which provides paper shredding, storage and recycling Solutions as a stepping stone into employment for people with disabilities and those experiencing disadvantage.

Lloyds Bank Foundation funding of £49,559 supports the salaries of a Training and Enterprise Co-ordinator and an In-Work Mentor.  

Theresa came to Elite Paper Solutions on a placement two years ago and worked her way up to the position of In-Work Mentor. She now helps others to realise their potential in the workplace.

“Elite helped me build confidence, now I’m helping people to do the same.  To come in here not having much confidence, moving up to supervising - making sure people are doing their job and helping them to do their job – it’s a big step. It can be challenging, you’ve got to have a lot of patience and be able to juggle tasks, but my staff know they can talk to me.”

Other staff also speak highly of how Elite Paper Solutions has helped them to improve their confidence and workplace skills and supported them in working towards their career aspirations.  Morgan started working for Elite as a paper shredder, but he quickly made himself indispensable in the role of receptionist.

“The thing that has really changed for me is my confidence. Before, I wouldn’t talk to people now you can’t keep me from talking! I’ve developed my phone and email skills looking after the phone. I got good feedback on my phone manner, I was quite shocked. I’d like to stay here and go full time, get more involved in the company.”

In addition to their grant from Lloyds Bank Foundation, Elite Paper Solutions have also taken advantage of the Enhance programme, which provides Lloyds Banking Group experts to mentor small charities. Elite Supported Employment Agency were matched with Emily, who assisted the Chief Executive Andrea with her business plan.  

“The one thing that has helped me the most from the Lloyds Bank Foundation was the Enhance mentorship. I’ve done business plans for the last 25 years, but it was great to have a fresh set of eyes on them. Rather than “firefighting” I was able to step back and look at the long-term.  Emily enabled me to focus on what the priorities were. I’ve now managed to encourage her to become a Trustee.”

Emily is also extremely positive about her mentoring experience:

“Mentoring adds huge value to you – not just your skill set but your perspective which can benefit in so many ways.  Seeing the passion the charity has to make significant changes for others is humbling. I love what Elite are doing with their Paper Solutions – I’ve seen myself the impact it has on lives.  I wouldn’t have had this had it not been for the mentoring opportunity.”