East Midlands


The Foundation awarded £88,000 to Hetty's over four years to contribute towards the salary of a care worker to support people who are affected by a family member’s substance misuse.

Hetty’s, based in Mansfield, delivers nationally recognised services to enable whole families to recover from problems relating to alcohol and drug addiction. It empowers them to build coping strategies, increase confidence and improve self-worth, and to make life better for them and those around them.

Our grant is allowing Hetty’s to continue to meet the demand for support from families across Nottinghamshire in spite of funding cuts from the Local Authority. The services they provide for family members acting as carers include a confidential helpline, and advice around benefits, financial planning, legal care orders, housing,

Adam, aged 65 was referred to Hetty’s by local authorities because he and his wife suddenly became responsible for their granddaughter due to her mother’s use of drugs:

“My wife and I have had so many set-backs trying to cope with our daughter’s and our granddaughter’s behaviour. The whole situation has put a lot of pressure on our own relationship. The issues also affected my other daughter and my grandson, and at times I felt guilty about the effect it had on relationships with them.

I expected Hetty’s to be another set of nosey do-gooders, but after a couple of sessions with them I thought, ‘hold on a minute, this is doing me good!’. With their help I’ve got better peace of mind and even a better understanding of life itself. I felt like I was in a hole but someone had thrown me a ladder to get out.

Hetty’s has helped us to heal as a family; helping us to understand the different dynamics of what’s going on behind the eyes. They have mediated, supported, listened, laughed and cried with us.

Our life isn’t perfect and there will always be things to test us, but our lives have definitely improved. Our wellbeing is better, we have grown in confidence, we have more knowledge, and we are far less isolated. I am still having support to help me deal with the legacy of the past. It is going well and I know that as long as Hetty’s number is there to ring, the future will be better.”