Mind in Furness

North West

Mind in Furness

Mind in Furness supports people who are reducing the level of support they receive from statutory mental health services to access group and individualised goal oriented support.

Our funding of £70,112 over three years contributes towards their Recovery Star Course, which is for individuals who have expressed a desire and motivation to address issues preventing them from being and staying well. The course gives these mental health service users self-management skills, aiding personal recovery. 

Angelina has completed the Recovery Star Course and shares how the support of Mind in Furness helped:
“When I first came here I was very distressed. Coming here has helped me to deal with everything. It’s a place without judgement where people just understand, and that’s so important.”

Karen Dobson, Chief Executive, tells us how our funding makes a real difference to the charity:
“Funding has been an ongoing issue for us, especially for our core services. Lloyds Bank Foundation contributes towards our recovery programme where individuals with mental health conditions can be supported to develop their own approach to recovery and take control of their lives.”