North Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service

East Midlands

North Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service

North Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service (NDAAS) exists to meet the increasing needs of people in Derbyshire and their families that are or have been affected by alcohol misuse.

Lloyds Bank Foundation funding of £68,206 over three years contributes towards the post of an alcohol Project Development Officer to support the more complex and longer term need of ex armed forces personnel.

Alcohol has been part of Pat’s life ever since he joined the artillery at 15. When it all caught up with him, NDAAS’s Project Development Officer Andy was there to help.

“The things I saw and amount of drinking I got used to while in the army didn’t catch up with me until many years after leaving. I was caught for drink driving and came in at 3x over the limit – I lost my car, I lost my job. Eventually, I had a breakdown. I just flipped one day. That’s when I went and got help.

“Since Andy’s been supporting me I’ve cut down from 8 pints a day to 4. I’m really grateful for his support, he’s never let me down.”

Navy Veteran Sam also speaks highly of Andy’s support:

“Not long ago I was getting drunk every night, washing money down the drain while I saw off at least half a bottle of whisky. Six months ago I decided enough was enough and I contacted my GP who referred me to Andy.

“I still drink but Andy’s visits have helped me reduce the amount dramatically. His visits give me structure, I can plan my week around them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a struggle and I wish I didn’t drink at all. Last week I’d gone six days without a drink but something flicked in me and without thinking I ordered a whisky. That ruined the rest of my day – I kept going and I didn’t eat dinner or anything. I’d be drifting without Andy’s support, it keeps me in check”

Andy, a Veteran himself, said:

“If our services weren’t here then the people I support would be reliant on mainstream services – and to be brutally honest, they just wouldn’t go. By visiting them at their own home I can touch base on good days and bad, and we have immediate common ground because of our armed forces background.

This Lloyds Bank Foundation grant has helped the charity to leverage a large Big Lottery grant for their important work. The charity have also benefitted from additional Enhance support including access to the Outcomes Star framework:

“Outcomes Star really complements our rounded support offer, helping us to place the power back into our service users hands, and demonstrate that all different parts of life can be made better by improving one thing. It makes recovery achievable.”