STAMP Revisited

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STAMP Revisited

Based in Roseberry Park Hospital in Middleborough, STAMP Revisited is an independent mental health advocacy service. STAMP provides those suffering from mental health issues support on issues ranging from housing to benefits to help them address challenges that they are unable to solve independently. 

Lloyds Bank Foundation funding of £69,350 over three years contributes towards the salary costs of their Crisis and Complex Needs Advocate who supports their clients to put forward their own views on issues critical to their well-being and recovery and contributes to STAMP’s free, independent and confidential advocacy service.

Marian was referred to STAMP to help her deal with her anxiety and mental wellbeing:

“The staff here are so lovely. When I was referred they helped me to go to my doctor and welfare appointments as I was struggling to leave the house. My anxiety was so bad, they were able to speak for me as I used to get mixed up explaining myself. They’ve had a really calming effect on me. I have so much trust for the staff here and I feel like I’ve achieved a lot thanks to them. I’m coping a lot better now. Thanks to STAMP I’m on the journey to a better place, I’m not 100% but I know I’m on track to recovery.

Neville came to stamp suffering from anxiety and depression which caused him difficulty in communicating with people:

“I’ve had so much support from STAMP. They’ve helped me with finding somewhere to live and with my writing - I’ve not had a relationship with my son for a while and Miss Carol has helped with writing to him. She’s helped me send him letters to help rebuild my relationship. Thanks to STAMP and the support I’ve had I feel better in myself. Before I came here there’s no way I would have been able to sit down and talk with you and not a chance you’d have got me posing for photos! I’m much more confident and relaxed now. Without the support of Miss Carol and STAMP I’d have been a lot worse off. I’d probably be behind bars or worse.”

Andrea Gent, Chief Executive Officer says STAMP has benefitted from the Foundations support and their relationship based approach to funding:

“Having Lloyds as a funder has been great. Their relationship-based support for has helped us develop and adapt. The Enhance programme has helped us to develop a governance strategy and recruitment package and we now have two great new trustees in place with the right skills and connections to help us grow. Securing funding is an ongoing challenge for us. We only ever really have a short rest period before the next worry so having ongoing support from the Foundation is a big help.” 

Carol Ford, Mental Health Advocate Worker has seen people lives change thanks to STAMP:

“It can be very challenging work as you’re seeing people through really difficult times. I’ve definitely seen lives changed though thanks to the service. Over the years people have been supported back to work, even through university. Demand for our support is going up though and the cases are becoming more complex but we’ll keep standing shoulder to shoulder with those we support on their journey to better mental health.”