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Subco Trust

Subco Trust supports vulnerable Asian elders in the Newham area.

The charity are supported with a grant of £74,112 over three years by Lloyds Bank Foundation. The funding goes towards the charity’s carers' project which supports vulnerable Asian carers in Newham who themselves have poor physical and mental health, are not engaged with mainstream services due to language and cultural barriers, and are often extremely isolated.

The project funded will extend the support the charity are able to offer Asian carers, through group work, workshops and 1:1 work, including befriending home visits.

Taskin, Chief Executive of Subco Trust, said:

“Until we had the grant from Lloyds we were unable to do any real substantive work with elderly carers. The challenges we’ve had to face are around funding – that is always an issue. There’s not many organisations that will fund very specific services like ours – but Lloyds have.

For the first time, we can sit down with carers and get them to think about who they are and what they want out of life. It’s trying to stop people reaching crisis and carry on for as long as they want to.”

Mrs Suappal is a full-time carer for her husband who suffers from vertigo and recently fell and broke his hip. With Subco Trust’s support, Mrs Suappal benefits from respite, support and time to herself:

“They understand what we go through at home here. Subco is the best centre I have ever been to. It’s where I come to forget I have problems at home. Subco is our soul and our heart”


Subco Trust from Lloyds Bank Foundation on Vimeo.