Winner Preston Road Women's Centre

Yorkshire and the Humber

Winner Preston Road Women's Centre

Winner Preston Road Women’s Centre offers holistic support to women and children in Hull who are experiencing domestic or sexual abuse helping them make positive improvements in their lives.

Our funding of £78,449 over three years contributes towards the salary costs of a specialist Domestic Violence and Abuse Support Worker.  

“Our domestic violence and abuse support workers are trained social workers who work with women whatever their issue, whether it’s housing, clothing, legal advice, therapy or even broken bones. When women come to us, they only have to tell their story once and we’ll support them for as long as they need it. I always felt Lloyds Bank Foundation understood what it was we were trying to do at Winner. They take time to get to know us so we feel much more like partners working towards a common goal.” 

“The funding we receive from Lloyds Bank Foundation allows us to meet the growing demand for our domestic abuse support and services. If we didn’t receive this funding we simply wouldn’t be able to support as many local women.”  Lisa Hilder, Co-Founder and Trustee

Mandy was a victim of domestic abuse and was supported by the charity to safely leave behind the violence and move on with her life. She now volunteers with the charity:

“They provided me with the encouragement I needed to stand up for myself and work myself up to say no to it. I knew there was the support and it was comforting to know it was there. 

“I’ve been volunteering for 3 years now, and now I mainly offer learning support in the courses, helping the tutor to deliver and develop the courses.  It’s helped with my confidence, you’re made to feel part of the community, and I feel included and helpful. I do it because I feel quite passionately about this building – it’s helped me get where I am now. Anybody is here to help – they’re all approachable and I feel very welcome and safe when I’m here.” 

Winner have also accessed our Enhance support, and have been paired with a Lloyds Banking Group Mentor, Tina Cooper.

Tina has worked for the Lloyds Banking Group for 17 years. She first heard about charity mentoring when it was announced at a regional Mortgage Manager meeting and she was interested in finding out more about charities might be looking for mentors in her local area. Having logged onto Interchange, she came across Winner, The Preston Road Women’s Centre which happens to be located near where she lives.

“I’d never seen or heard of Winner before, but they’re around the corner from where I live so I was interested in finding our more. My immediate thought, when I read about the charity was wondering what I’d be able to bring to the table."

Tina has begun attending monthly board meetings at Winner, and volunteer meetings where a group of volunteers who have all experienced domestic abuse come together to develop their skills and confidence.

"It’s early days but I’m really excited about the prospect of working closely with this charity. When you think about what some of these women have experienced, a centre that supports them could be really bleak. But all the staff and volunteers are so motivated and there is such a positive energy. There’s a lot about motivation, working environments and supporting staff that we in the private sector can learn.”