We Develop

We provide a range of developmental support, including training, consultancy and mentoring alongside our funding to help strengthen charities. Our regional managers build relationships with charities to help them identify challenges and work with partner organisations to deliver solutions. Our support builds confidence and expertise among charity leaders, helping them thrive far beyond the life of their grant and equipping them to be stronger and more sustainable.

How we Develop Charities


charities matched with a Lloyds Banking Group Charity Mentor


developmental support delivered to small charities in 2019


local charity learning networks established

As CEO of a small charity I have really benefitted from the development work, we get so busy ‘delivering’ that we don’t get the time to strengthen leadership, think about the vision, plan for the future and ensure that the core of the charity stays strong and agile. I have had the opportunity to benefit from, and contribute to, this dynamic team, that’s how it should be and I thank the Foundation for that.

Becky Rogerson, Acting Director, Wearside Women in Need

Support for Charities

Our Enhance programme provides a range of tailored developmental support in addition to their grant to help the charities we fund to be more effective and thrive. In conversation with our Regional Managers we will help you identify areas where the Foundation might be able to offer support.

Learning and Networks

We provide networking opportunities to our partner charities through local peer forums across England and Wales. These forums enable small charity leaders to share learning and knowledge while establishing a support network of individuals facing similar work-based challenges within the charity sector.

Skills Based Volunteering

Through our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, we provide a mentoring and volunteering programme. This helps charities to become more effective and at the same time, Lloyds Banking Group staff benefit from stretching their skills in new settings, developing new capabilities, and building stronger ties to the communities where they live and work.

Useful Resources

We offer a range of online toolkits, developed in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and our experts, to provide practical support and help small charities learn from best practice.

Working with other funders: LocalMotion

We are working with five other national funders to see how best we can work together to potentially achieve more.

Helping Charities Grow Income

To help smaller charities to become more financially stable and sustainable we are developing a range of research, training, and support to help them generate more money consistently from a wider variety of sources.

Working Deeper Locally

We are working in several localities to bring together organisations from across voluntary, public, and private sectors alongside individuals from local communities to examine how services for people facing complex social issues including charities supporting them are resourced, designed and delivered. This work builds on local strengths and assets to develop sustainable and effective services for the people who need them most.