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We provide a range of developmental support, including training, consultancy and mentoring alongside our funding to help strengthen charities. Our regional managers build relationships with charities to help them identify challenges and work with partner organisations to deliver solutions. Our support builds confidence and expertise among charity leaders, helping them thrive far beyond the life of their grant and equipping them to be stronger and more sustainable.

How we support charities to develop


charities matched with a Lloyds Banking Group Charity Mentor


developmental support delivered to small charities in 2019


local charity learning networks established

Having Enhance support from Lloyds Bank Foundation was my first experience of ‘funder plus’ support. What’s so impressive about Enhance is you feel like you’re receiving high calibre, quality expertise at a 1:1 local level. You’re provided with options and then given ownership over the relationship with the consultant, but equally, I know I have Peter’s [our Foundation Manager] support if it’s not hitting the mark.

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