Effective Communications and Marketing

We offer the charities we partner with a four-module package of communications and marketing support with these providers. Please note that not all service providers will be in all areas, but we will work with you to source the best local providers to meet your needs. Speak to your Regional Manager to see what is available in your region and to register your interest.

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Local Consultants

We have a bank of local independent consultants, which have been reference checked, and are experienced in providing specialist support to small charities. Support would normally be up to six days of consultancy, including a half-day diagnostic visit and half-day follow up session.



Skills Based Volunteering

Skills Based Volunteering harnesses the skills of staff at Lloyds Banking Group to strengthen the charities we fund, supporting them to become more effective, more robust and more sustainable. Charity Mentors work with charities to address a wide range of needs. 

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Our Communications Modules

As part of our efforts to provide more effective support to charities, we have designed a four-module package of communications support. The support will be specific to your charity’s starting point and confidence levels, in line with the plan you formulate with your Grant Manager and consultant. The four modules cover key messaging, improving digital practice, harnessing the power of press and influencing.

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Charities Aid Foundation

The Charities Aid Foundation can help you with fundraising strategies, particularly working with corporate organisations.

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Social Change Agency

The Social Change Agency can help you with digital marketing and communications.

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Speakers Trust

The Speakers Trust will help you to better communicate your charity’s message, learn how to speak with eloquence and clarity, and develop your storytelling technique to share stories of beneficiaries and successes whilst tailoring every message to the relevant audience.  

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