Effective Services

We offer the charities we partner with support and training with these providers to help ensure you are providing effective services. Please note that not all service providers will be in all areas, but we will work with you to source the best local providers to meet your needs. Speak to your Regional Manager to see what is available in your region and to register your interest.

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Local Consultants

We have a bank of local independent consultants, which have been reference checked, and are experienced in providing specialist support to small charities. Support would normally be up to six days of consultancy, including a half-day diagnostic visit and half-day follow up session.



Skills Based Volunteering

Skills Based Volunteering harnesses the skills of staff at Lloyds Banking Group to strengthen the charities we fund, supporting them to become more effective, more robust and more sustainable. Charity Mentors work with charities to address a wide range of needs. 

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Ethical Property Foundation

The Ethical Property Foundation can help you review how you use your building/s in service delivery.

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Investing in Volunteers

NCVO Investing in Volunteers accreditation will help you recruit volunteers with appropriate skills.

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Trusted Charity

Gaining NCVO's Trusted Charity accreditation will help ensure that you are delivering high quality, user-centred services.

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Reason Digital

Reason Digital can help you complete a digital transformation review.

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Safeguarding Momentum LogoSafeguarding Momentum

Safeguarding Momentum can support your charity to review, develop and implement safeguarding policies and practice, as well as providing safeguarding training for Trustees and staff.

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Locality can help you:


  • understand the implications of property management  Learn more
  • assess how your work is meeting the needs and wants of the community and how your structure (including staffing and volunteering) has a profile that broadly reflects the area you serve. Learn more
  • explore in detail whether a new approach, service, acquisition or venture is worth pursuing, with a clear understanding of the costs, risks, potential gains and the approach needed. Learn more



ProMo-Cymru can help you with a wide range of digital support and help to work better with digital and with communicating messages more effectively through to supporting the development of digital services.



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