People and Communities

We are partnering with six communities across England and Wales in long-term work designed to support transformational change in those places.

We are developing an evidence-based approach together with our partners in each place to come together collectively with their existing assets and resource to address issues in their local area.  This work involves people who fund services in the broadest sense (so including trusts and foundations, but also statutory funders), people who deliver services (including small local charities and community-based organisations), and people who need those services and live in local communities. 


It involves a set of core approaches including thinking about the relationships between people, organisations and sectors; recognizing and working with power dynamics; involving the community and working with the assets in a place, and staying with the work through potentially challenging and uncertain times.


We are working with our partners in our six communities to pilot models of cross-sector training networks. Our vision is that these locally-based networks will include charities and community groups, small and medium-size enterprises, and statutory bodies. We hope by using training sessions, active learning and sharing skills, we can help build stronger relationships between the sectors and a self-sustaining training and support network.


  1. Redcar and Cleveland - We’re getting to know partners in the area through some existing areas of work happening locally, looking at how the whole system can support people experiencing multiple complex social issues. 
  2. Halton - We're working across the borough with partners from all sectors and developing work with the voluntary sector to support them in the rebuild after COVID19.
  3. Bolsover - we have engaged with the strategic partnership and voluntary sector through a series of visits and calls. We are working with our partners to help support the voluntary sector in the rebuild after COVID19.
  4. Telford and Wrekin- We're engaging with the local voluntary sector, local authority, politicians, business and CCG, laying the groundwork for more work post COVID19.
  5. Great Yarmouth - we are working with the voluntary sector and strategic partners across local authority, CCG and public health. We're exploring providing support to partners in the area through some of the changes arising from the response to COVID 19.
  6. Merthyr Tydfil - We are working with the local council, third sector, police, social landlords and town centre partnership.



During the crisis that has arisen as a result of COVID 19, we have adapted our work to take account of the new context and the reduced capacity of partners to engage in long term work as they respond to the crisis.  As a result of this, we have developed work alongside our partners in each place that:

  • Supports the sector by engaging and supporting infrastructure and bringing development tools to support through our Enhance programme
  • Brings resource to support partners to think through the recovery and build back from the crisis
  • Facilitates and catalyses conversations using the core approaches we’ve identified for the long term, as part of working to build back better


COVID Recovery Fund and our six communities.

On 3 August 2020, we launched our £7.5 million COVID Recovery Fund, which offered up to 150 small - medium sized a two-year unrestricted grant of £50,000 alongside the support of a Development Partner.


Of the 150 grants we will fund, 12 of these grants will be specifically linked to the six communities we are working with (Redcar and Cleveland, Halton, Bolsover, Telford and Wrekin, Great Yarmouth and Merthyr Tydfil). These grants will be awarded to organisations who are interested in working with us on our long term work towards system change.

Learn more about the criteria we set out for this grants round.


At a glance: Our approach and evidence base

Informed by research, and by our work with small and local charities, Lloyds Bank Foundation is working with six communities in England and Wales to come together to support the delivery of services to the people who need it most. This infographic explains the background and approach to our People and Communities work. Click each image to enlarge or download the infographic as a poster here.



We know that many communities around the UK are facing a similar set of challenges. Our approach is informed by what small charities tell us, as well as a wider evidence base about what issues are affecting our communities.

Some challenges won’t go away, but we can change the way we work together to face them. There is a strong evidence base around how all the local people and services in a place can work together to create change across the system.

If we work together in this way, we can get to a better place for all of us. Our collective efforts will mean everyone’s needs are met. We will learn together and share what we find out about what works, so others can use it.


You can read the research here or request our bibliography from Harriet Ballance, our Local Implementation Lead, by emailing





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