Organisational Resilience Programme

This four-session facilitator-led programme is intended to lead you through peer conversations on subjects including purpose, money and people in a safe, confidential space

Organisational resilience doesn’t come from strengthening one part of an organisation but by considering the organisation as a whole. This programme encourages participants to also look at external factors that affect resilience – ‘the system’ – commissioners, other service providers, infrastructure bodies, and funders. 

The programme is split into pillars of Purpose, Money, and People. The pillars are made up of ten principles that contain exploratory (discovery) questions. It is not expected that the facilitator will answer any questions, their role is to support the group to think about how they can take the questions back to their own organisations and to facilitate peer conversations in a safe, confidential space. The accompanying Organisational Resilience Guide is a document for attendees that helps them prepare, plan and work through the programme with their own organisation. It contains the ten principles and discovery questions, preparation and reflection tools, and some suggestions of how to make the most of the guide. 

"Organisational Resilience is the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper."

- British Standards Institution and Cranfield School of Management

Delivery method

  • An online space with a breakout room feature 
  • Groups of between 4-20 people for virtual delivery to enable robust discussion with space and time for all to speak. 
  • One facilitator per breakout group. 
  • Delivery over 6 weeks, one session per fortnight– 2 to 3 hours per session 
  • This pack includes suggested running orders to deliver each session with prompts for each pillar. 
  • The order of session delivery is: 
    1. Purpose 
    2. Money 
    3. People 

Who this is most suitable for

This programme has been designed to benefit leaders and strategic decision-makers at small charities and community organisations. 

Download the programme session packs

You can download the individual sessions below or the complete pack of sessions here.

Session one: Purpose

Introduction and Building Purposeful Resilience

  • Introduction to the Organisational Resilience Programme
  • Purpose principles and discovery questions. 
  • Tools to enable organisations to work through the purpose discovery questions in their own time.

Session two: Finance

Building Financial Resilience

  • Introduction to money principles and discovery questions.
  • Tools to enable organisations to work through the money discovery questions in their own time.

Session three: People

Building People Led Resilience

  • People principles and discovery questions.
  • Tools to enable organisations to work through the people discovery questions in their own time.


Session four: Activating resilience

  • Put programme plan into action
  • Outline next steps
  • Help to prioritise
  • Explore peer collaboration, support and accountability
  • Explore external resilience factors

Download the guide

Created in partnership with The Good Ship, Embrace Finance and Mavrix Innovations, this guide takes you through the approach and principles of Organisational Resilience. It also offers tools on how to prepare, plan and reflect on the subject whether through a self-directed or peer-facilitated format.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we share the Guide?

We suggest giving participants slides after each session and giving them the full Organisational Resilience Guide at the end of the process.

Do we need to know the answers?

No, this is not about providing answers but facilitating conversations.

Do people have to attend all sessions?

Yes ideally. If they can’t, offer a one-to-one to go through a couple of the principles so they have a full understanding to take back to their organisation.

What are the peer support sessions?

An informal open session offered between programme sessions to all attendees to share how they are getting on, any more questions they have had, resources are sometimes helpful here i.e. where to signpost people to if they need more support.

Do we need to have financial knowledge to deliver this?

No, our slides on the money pillar can be delivered by anyone.

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