Personal Development Planning

This guide will help you understand the benefits of personal development and provides direction on how to create and manage a successful development plan.

Overview of the Purpose of the Guide

This Personal Development Planning Guide aims to inspire and support colleagues and line managers, to understand the benefits of personal development, how to identify development goals to reach their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

The guide provides some insight into actions and activities (other than ‘training’) to create and manage a successful, and achievable, Development Plan.

Summary of the Content of the Guide

This guide defines ‘personal development’ and sets out the rationale for why this should be a key activity for all colleagues, and why this should be supported by line management.

This guide provides guidance and support on:

  • Identifies the need for identifying and setting development goals, including the GROW model, and some thoughts on activities to support the achievement of these goals.
  • These are actions outside of the usual ‘training course’ approach and provide a new way of thinking about the activities that can provide valuable development opportunities
  • A ‘model’ development plan – bringing to life what a good development should look like
    ‘hints and tips’ so that the role of both the colleague and the line manager is well considered

Personal Development Planning Downloads

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