We Influence

We champion the work of small and local charities and raise awareness of the challenges they face with influencers and policymakers. Drawing from the relationships we build and the evidence we gather we push for changes to policy and practice to help charities thrive and to address the root causes and consequences of complex social issues.

How We Influence


small charities pushing for change in domestic and sexual abuse policy and practice


invested to improve domestic and sexual abuse policy and practice


invested to influence change in the criminal justice system

The Transform programme gave us the tools to run a successful campaign. The training and support from Lloyds Bank Foundation helped us develop a strategy and Theory of Change, breaking down what we want to achieve and how to do it.

Illary Valenzuela Oblitas, Latin American Women’s Rights Service

Young women in contact with the criminal justice system are too often ignored, misunderstood, or misrepresented. Overlooked in policy, little is known about their experiences and there is limited specialist provision. Responses to challenges they face often come too late or can be re-traumatising. Lloyds’ funding has allowed us to shine a light on young women’s experiences whilst in contact with the criminal justice system, continuing to advocate for gender- and age-informed policy and practice into 2021.

Maggie Bridge, Agenda
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