Small charities responding to COVID-19: Winter Update

This report presents new and updated research following on from our earlier report this year, 'Small charities responding to COVID-19'.

This page was updated on 12 August 2021

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This report captures the views and
experiences of 180 small, local and specialist charities working in communities across England and Wales on the frontline of supporting people through COVID-19, lockdown and beyond. This is drawn from annual monitoring reports from the Foundation’s grant holders that were received between May and October 2020.


As part of their reports, charities are asked to reflect on both the challenges and successes of their work over the previous year. The Foundation uses this data and feedback to help us better understand the operating environment for charities, inform our current and future grant making practice, and respond to emerging charity and community needs.


This report follows on from our initial findings and research from May 2020, 'Small charities responding to COVID-19', and shares how charities have sustained their response to the continued challenges of COVID-19.


The story that emerges is of charities stepping up to the all encompassing challenges of COVID-19, adapting rapidly to the changing needs of the communities they serve, their staff and volunteers.


The is split into five key areas:

  1. Meeting the moment
  2. A collaborative response
  3. As small employers and organisations
  4. Looking forward
  5. A funding crisis deferred


This report also shares lessons for funders, central and local government, and for small charities themselves.


You can view our previous May 2020 update, here, or our most recent August 2021 update, here. 

Championing Small Charities

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