Expert, undervalued and on the frontline

This report builds on the survey responses of 800 charities we support and outlines their challenges and opportunities in their own words.

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This report identifies the biggest challenges identified by 800 of our partner charities and what would help to overcome them.


Findings include:

  • For 81% of charities, obtaining funding was the biggest challenge they faced despite proactive and innovative efforts to secure their future.
  • Charities are working hard to raise money from other sources, with 58% fundraising from individuals, 42% fundraising from businesses and 26% running social enterprises yet it is an ongoing struggle and diversifying income does not work for them all.
  • Demand is rising and it’s getting more complex, with 88% of charities reporting a change in demand for their services. 72% of these reports increased demand, which is often coupled with more complex needs. Key drivers for this include a decrease in other services, particularly statutory service provision and welfare reforms that have created rising thresholds for support.


The report also highlights what funders and government need to do to enable small and medium-sized charities to do what they do best; meet the needs of those most at risk.

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