More Than Grants

We produced a series of publications in collaboration with the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) asking whether charitable foundations in the UK are doing enough—and are doing the right things—to support the voluntary and community sector.

Click on the image below to download the report about how funders can support grantee effectiveness:


This series of publications examine how grant-makers can use their influence as funders to strengthen the charity sector. These evaluations include Why Grant Makers Must Learn New Tricks, How Funders Can Support Grantee Effectiveness and How Funders Can Use Their Influence For Good.


Trusts and Foundations have long played a key role alongside charities in changing the world for the better. Good grant-making of course remains fundamental, but for many, providing more than grants is key to their success.


These three reports analyse leading funding practices around the globe for grant-makers seeking to influence change beyond the cheque. They provide a fresh and exciting challenge to UK funders on the need to do more and recommendations on how to do so based on global examples of best practice.


Click here to download the following reports, More Than Grants: Grantmakers must learn new tricks and More Than Grants: How funders can use their influence for good

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