Useful Resources

Risk Management Toolkit

Our Risk Management Toolkit is designed to help you to identify, manage and control your charity’s risks. 

HR/People Resources

To provide further assistance to the charities we support, we’ve produced some best practice guides for core HR/People activity, with the support of Lloyds Banking Group.

These step by step, best practice guides, will support charities to successfully complete some of the day to day HR activities that they undertake. Specific topics covered are:

How can we use the guides?

The guides contain a wealth of detail and information if you’re looking for help to get started, or for new ideas and different ways of thinking. You can access templates, pro forma material, and suggested links and references to sites that can provide further support. The content is provided to give you ideas and practical support to undertake your role.

This content is not prescriptive, so there may be references to some activities or timelines that aren’t relevant to your organisation.

The guides are also not designed to provide specific policy provision or advice. They are guides that contain perceived best practice suggestions on how to manage this type of activity, and the information is gathered from a wide range of sources.