Performance Management

Guide Summary:

Performance Management

Overview of the Purpose of the Guide 

This Performance Management Guide aims to highlight what “good” performance management looks like and understand the benefits of performance management. 

Summary of the content of the Guide

 This guide will help everyone in the business know:
  • what the business is trying to achieve through performance management
  • their role in helping the business achieve its goals
  • the skill and competencies they need to fulfil their role
  • the standards of performance required
  • how they can develop their performance and contribute to development of the organisation 
  • how they are doing 
  • when there are performance problems and what to do about them

It shows the line manager and employee roles and responsibilities and the 5 key elements in the performance management cycle and includes a one to one meeting crib sheet to support line managers when preparing for a one to one and/or performance review meeting.

List of Material

  1. Performance Management - Capturing Objectives Form template

  2. Performance Management - Monthly One to One Form template

  3. Performance Management - Performance Improvement Plan template

  4. Performance Management - Year End Appraisal Form template