Steps to effective recruitment


Overview of the Purpose of the Guide  

This Steps to Effective Recruitment Main Guide provides insight, and structure, to the steps that need to be taken to ensure the successful recruitment of candidates to roles that become vacant. 

Summary of the content of the Guide 

The Guide provides guidance and support on:

  • Recruitment Legislation (including links to relevant support sites)
  • Defining the job vacancy
  • Defining the person specification
  • Sourcing candidates – both internally and externally
  • What to include in a job advertisement
  • How to Shortlist Candidates
  • Options to consider for the Selection Process, and how to manage this
  • Making a job offer
  • Pre Employment Checks

The guide concludes by summarising the impact of poor recruitment decisions, and provides a one pager on ‘Hints and Tips to Great Hiring’.


List of Material

Steps to Effective Recruitment - Main Guide Powerpoint slide pack


Steps to Effective Recruitment - Recruitment Legislation signposts (slide 2)

Steps to Effective Recruitment - An Example Scoring Matrix for a selection interview (slide 16)