Our Enhance programme provides a range of non-financial, tailored support to help charities we fund thrive. 

We help charities that we fund identify what (if any) support might help them work more effectively. When they've agreed on a specific area for development, have a clear plan of activities in mind to address this, and a clear idea of what they hope to achieve, they'll be offered support in one or more of the following ways:

 Enhance Offer - Leadership  Enhance Offer - Governance  Enhance Offer Skilled Staff and Volunteers
Excellent leadership Stronger governance Skilled staff & volunteers
 Enhance Offer - Clear Strategy and Planning Enhance Offer -  Effective Services   Enhance Offer - Robust Systems and Processes
Clear strategy & planning Effective services Robust systems & processes
Enhance Offer - Monitoring and Evaluation   Enhance Offer - Sustainable Finance and Fundraising Enhance Offer -Effective Communications and Marketing 
Systematic monitoring & evaluation Sustainable finance & fundraising  Effective communications & marketing

Would you like support in an area not listed here? Contact your Grant Manager to discuss how we can help you.