Effective Communications and Marketing

We offer our charities support and training in effective communications and marketing with these providers. Please note that not all service providers will be in all areas, but we will work with you to source the best local providers to meet your needs. Speak to your Grant Manager to see what is available in your region. 

Local Consultants

We have a bank of local independent consultants, which have been reference checked, and are experienced in providing specialist support to small and medium-sized charities. They can provide support in many areas inclusing customer segmentation, market feasibility studies, communication planning and branding. Support would normally be up to six days of consultancy, including a half day diagnostic visit and half day follow up session. Speak to your Grant Manager about the opportunities available in your area.

Charities Aid Foundation

The Charities Aid Foundation can help you to develop the case for support from Corporates or high net worth individuals.. 

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Social Change Agency

The Social Change Agency can help you with digital marketing and communications.

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Reason Digital

Reason Digital can help you develop a digital strategy, including websites and digital communications.

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See something you're interested in? Contact your Grant Manager to discuss how you can access this support