Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the non-financial support we offer our current grantees. To find out the full range of support available to your charity, speak to your grant manager. 

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No, an offer of Enhance support is entirely optional. It does not affect your grant or future funding applications. However many of our grantees do take advantage of this offer and welcome the support available.

No. We do not judge charities for identifying development needs and will not use this information in any other way. We want to use our resources to help charities to become stronger and sustainable organisations so they can continue to provide effective support in the long-term. That's all.

We have an “approved” list of local independent consultants, and have developed, and agreed, core packages of support with a range of providers to meet the needs that charities have told us they have. All our suppliers and consultants are vetted by us so we know they are experienced in working with small charities.

Yes; however, once a supplier and package of support has been commissioned, we step back. The charity becomes the client and works directly with the supplier.  Your Grant Manager will keep in touch with you and will be interested to hear how things are progressing with the support, and of course, if there are problems, will work with you and the supplier to address them. It is also important to us to know if the support provided has increased your organisations effectiveness, and we have a section within the annual Grant Report which asks specific questions about this.

The Enhance programme aims to build capacity within the charity rather than provide a short-term or temporary solution, this will create sustainability for the organisation and a legacy for the investment. It does not fund staffing costs.

There is no catch! As a funder we genuinely want to see a vibrant and sustainable small charity sector. Enhance is a way for us to support charities in addition to the grants we provide.   However, although third party support may be provided, this will be facilitative and will not provide a quick fix. Therefore the charity will need to ensure that it has the capacity to engage with any support provided.