For Current Grantholders

This section is for current grantholders only. If you are a prospective grantee, please visit our We Fund page to find out more about our application process and apply for a grant.

Congratulations on being awarded a grant from Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales!

We ask all our grantees to report on the delivery of the objectives related to your grant on an annual basis. We send each of our grantees a grant report to complete two months before your next grant payment; on this page you can find guidance on how to complete your report.

Complete your grant report

Grant Report Templates and Guidance Notes

Need a little help writing your grant report? Download these templates and guidance notes for detailed instructions on how to complete your report. 

Invest grant reports

Download the Invest Grant Report Template  Download the Invest Grant Report Guidance Notes

Enable grant reports

Download the Enable Grant Report Template  Download the Enable Grant Report Guidance Notes

Grant Terms and Conditions

All our grantees agree to our Terms and Conditions before grant funding is awarded. You will have received a full explanation of your specific grant’s terms and conditions along with your grant letter, but you can also download our grant Terms and Conditions here.