Enable grants are awarded to charities which have identified clear development needs, and provide a great opportunity to strengthen charities to deliver more effectively.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Invest grants are closed for applications until September. Our Enable programme is still open - apply by 31 August. Please refer to our Funding Timetable for more information.

Through Enable grants we fund opportunities for your charity to develop, or trial new approaches to service delivery, so you can become more effective in your work. You may want to improve your charity’s capability in areas such as business development and planning, monitoring, leadership and governance and communications; an Enable grant could put your charity in a stronger position to deliver services and attract more volunteers, funding and support.

We can provide up to a total of £15,000 across one or two years.

What Enable Grants Fund

Enable grants fund activities related to the development and improvement of your charity’s capability. Examples include:

  • Pilot initiatives, to trial new ways of delivering your programmes
  • Strengthening your monitoring systems
  • Creating stronger business plans and service development plans
  • Improving your charity’s marketing and communications
  • Investigating mergers, partnerships, shared services and contracts
  • Developing new streams of income and enterprise for your charity
  • Expanding your charity’s capacity to reach new audiences and recruit volunteers
  • Improving your structures and systems, for example in finance, HR, risk management and volunteer management
  • Quality standards (please note that if you already hold a quality mark, you cannot apply for renewal costs under the Enable programme)

Enable grants are awarded to charities that meet our eligibility criteria and have identified clear development areas which will support their growth. The costs covered by Enable grants must be additional to those you would already incur through your charity’s regular activities; they are not awarded for core costs or direct delivery costs. If this is what you are looking for, please consider applying to our Invest programme instead.

Are we eligible?

We fund registered charities with income between £25,000 and £1 million, who work to support people aged 17+ who are facing one or more of our specified complex social problems. For a quick and easy initial assessment of your charity’s eligibility, complete our eligibility checklist.

We're ready to apply - now what?

Please confirm your eligibility and read our guidance notes before beginning your application here.

We accept Enable grant applications an ongoing basis, and we'll inform you of the outcome within six months of receiving your application.

We’ve had an Enable grant before. Can we re-apply?

If you'd like to re-apply for a further Enable grant, you can do this once the initial grant has been completed and an End of Grant Report has been submitted.

If you'd like to apply for an Invest grant, you can do this before your existing Enable grant is complete, as long as your Enable grant will complete during our next Invest grant round. If your application is successful, your Invest grant will only be awarded once the Enable grant is complete and the final report has been submitted. 

Please call your Grant Manager to discuss these options in more detail.