Our Invest grants provide long-term funding for the day-to-day running of your charity (core costs), and/or the direct delivery of your charity’s work.

PLEASE NOTE: Our larger grant making programme, formerly known as Invest grants, is now closed for applications until November — sign up to receive an alert when applications reopen. We are still accepting applications to our Enable programme until 31 August. For more information, refer to our Funding Timetable.


We can provide a minimum of £30,000 to a maximum of £100,000, delivered across  three years. There is also the opportunity for continuation funding, so your charity could be funded by our Invest grant for up to six years in total.

Please refer to our Funding Timetable for information on when and how to apply. 

What Invest Grants Fund

You can apply for either a core costs grant or a project costs grant.

If you are applying for a core costs grant then you will be able to use the funding to cover any of your charity’s core or delivery costs. Please be aware that if you are applying for core cost funding, we’ll ask you to demonstrate that the majority of your charity’s work (more than 50% of your work and expenditure) meets our eligibility criteria.

If you are applying for project costs you will be able to apply for the direct delivery costs of the project. You will only be able to apply for the core costs associated directly with delivering the project.

Core Costs 

Direct Delivery Costs 

Building running costs Salaries
Rent Recruitment 
Utilities Sessional workers  
Heating and lighting Volunteer expenses 
Insurance Travel 
Office costs  Training 
Stationery Monitoring and evaluation 
IT running costs Promotion 
Management costs Activity costs 
Part-funding or funding of salaries   
Finance/admin/back office  

Are we eligible?

We fund registered charities with income between £25,000 and £1 million, who work to support people aged 17+ who are facing one or more of our specified complex social problems. For a quick and easy initial assessment of your charity’s eligibility, complete our eligibility checklist.

You will also be asked to set objectives with the outcomes you seek to achieve for the people you support.

These can be ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ outcomes and should use the words you yourselves use to describe and track the outcomes. Your application will be assessed for fit with the Foundation’s outcomes for people facing complex social issues, which can be found here.

Finally, you'll need to have appropriate monitoring systems in place to ensure that you can tell us what the grant has funded each year – find out more about our monitoring reports here. If you don’t currently have suitable monitoring systems, you may wish to consider applying for an Enable grant first to develop these.

We’re ready to apply – now what?

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, and have checked our funding is open, you can begin your initial application. You can find guidance and applcation examples here.  If your first stage application is successful, you will be visited by your Grant Manager who will assist you in completing a full application.

Our Invest grant is coming to an end. Can we get any further funding?

You will be able to apply for further Invest funding when you have provided monitoring reports for the first two years of your grant. Please call your Grant Manager to discuss before re-applying and to discuss our other grant support programmes.