Our Criteria

We know charities are under increasing pressure as many more people need their help to overcome social issues, while the support they need is getting more complex. So we’ve reassessed our criteria, and made changes we believe will lead to less form-filling for grantees over time, and peace of mind for charities needing to cover their core costs or project costs:

  • We’ve increased the amount of funding that charities can apply for to £100,000 over three years, with fewer restrictions on how and when the money can be spent.
  • We’re providing funding for longer by offering more ‘renewable grants’, providing many charities with up to £200,000 of funding over six years.
  • We’re no longer assessing grant applications around meeting ‘transition points’. Instead applicants should show how they’re helping address one of 11 complex social issues outlined on our website, alongside how the charity helps people make life-changing progress.
  • We are introducing greater flexibility to our reporting requirements allowing grantees to report information they are already collecting.

Providing charities with more money for longer means that we’ve had to make some tough decisions about work we used to fund. We’ve prioritised those issues that we believe affect some of the most disadvantaged adults (17+) across England and Wales, and where we believe our funding can help charities make a long-lasting impact.

We’ve also deepened our commitment to providing developmental support to grantees and working with to influence policy and practice. You can read more about our new strategy here.

To check whether you’re eligible to apply for a grant under our new criteria, please click here or contact enquiries@lloydsbankfoundation.org.uk.