Notes for Applicants

PLEASE NOTE: Our Invest grants are closed for applications until September. Our Enable programme is still open - apply by 31 August. Please refer to our Funding Timetable for more information.


Decide which grant to apply for 

We offer two grant programmes, one for core costs and one for developing your charity. You can apply for either programme, but not both. 

Our Invest grants provide long-term funding for the day-to-day running of your charity (core costs), and/or the direct delivery of your charity’s work. Invest is open for applications twice a year, please check the funding timetable to find out when we are open for new applications. 

Enable grants are awarded to charities which have identified clear development needs, and provide a great opportunity to strengthen charities to deliver more effectively. We accept Enable grant applications an ongoing basis. 

Before you apply, take a look at our Funding Timetable to check if the programme is accepting applications. 

If you are not sure which programme to apply for, get in touch with us to talk about which one is right for you.

Check your eligibility  

Before you apply, please read our detailed eligibility criteria to make sure you are the right fit for our grants programmes. You will also need to ensure you can meet our reporting requirements, and can agree to our Grant Terms and Conditions

Prepare your application 

If you meet all our eligibility criteria, congratulations! You can now apply for a grant.

Check below which programme is right for you and follow the guidelines to create the best possible application.


Use the Enable guidelines to help you prepare your application for an Enable grant.

Download the enable guidelines here  Download the Enable Example Application  Download the Enable Example Workplan


Our Invest applications take place across two stages. The first stage is designed to check your charity is the right fit for the programme. If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to submit a full application to stage two.

Download the Initial Application Guidelines  Download the Initial Application Example   Second stage application guidelines

Submit your application 

Once you are familiar with the guidelines and have drafted your application, fill in the Application Form. You will be able to save and return to your saved application if you need to.  

What Happens Next? 

If you are applying for our Enable grants, you can expect to hear if you are successful within four months of submitting your application. 

If you are applying for our Invest grants, you can expect to hear if your Stage One application has been successful within three months. Successful Stage One applicants will then be invited to submit a more detailed Stage Two application.  Once your Stage Two application has been received, you can expect to hear back within three months. 

We are happy to offer feedback if your application is unsuccessful.