A three year £2m national Homeshare Programme has been developed by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales and Big Lottery Fund in partnership with Shared Lives Plus, Age UK, The Foyer Federation and Social Care Institute for Excellence to put homesharing on the map as a viable solution to the parallel issues of a lack of affordable housing for young people and the growing number of older people who are lonely or isolated and in need of practical support and companionship.

What is Homeshare?

Homeshare matches young people seeking a place to live with older people with a spare room who need a helping hand at home. The younger party typically pledges around 10 hours of companionship and light domestic help (not including personal care) to their host in return for accommodation. Both parties contribute an affordable monthly fee which contributes towards the cost of the matching process, running the scheme and creating a sustainable service. 

What does the £2m national Homeshare Programme fund?

Homeshare has been successfully operating in various places around the world and there have been a limited number of homeshare schemes in a few local communities in the UK but it has the potential to be a much more widespread solution. The UK’s first national Homeshare Programme has therefore been established to support the piloting, development and evaluation of cost effective, replicable homesharing models, so that the two different age groups can respond to each others’ needs in a safe and supportive way and schemes themselves are able to establish and grow sustainably.

Two initial pilot schemes were selected and are being run by Novus Homeshare and Age UK Oxfordshire. A further six new start up schemes have now been funded in the following locations:

Funding has also been allocated to support the programme management and learning and for the costs of the evaluation of the pilots and the programme.   

The programme is also supporting the wider homeshare sector including the creation of a UK Homeshare Web Portal. To find out more information about homeshare if there is a homeshare scheme or near you or to register an interest visit the Homeshare UK website

Read the Final Evaluation Report

The final evaluation report for the Homeshare programme was published in May 2018. Read the report here