Our Research

Our research is designed to build an evidence base to champion small and medium-sized charities.

The publications below can be downloaded for free or read on-screen. We welcome sharing and citation of our content.

Front and Centre - Putting Social Value at the Heart of Inclusive Growth - published May 2019

5 Years of Funder PlusBased on in-depth research across local government, this report calls for a rethink on how public bodies use social value, urging it to be placed front and centre of how local and central government works. 

See the full report here.


Five Years of Funder Plus: Five Things We've Learned - published March 2019

5 Years of Funder PlusSince 2014, we’ve piloted, tested and expanded our development support offer.  We’ve commissioned independent evaluations to identify what works and where we can improve our offer for the charities we support, and now we’re sharing our findings with you.

See the full report here.


The Impact of Enhance - published March 2019
Enhance Evaluation - IVAR

This report reviews the long-term impact our Enhance capacity building support had on participating charities, what support was most useful, what changes were achieved and what factors assisted and hindered change.

Read the full report here.


The social process of supporting small charities: An evaluation of the Lloyds Bank Foundation Grow pilot programme - published March 2019
Grow Pilot Summary

This report evaluates our Grow pilot programme, which sought to improve the capability and capacity of small charities with incomes below £75,000.

Read the summary report here.


A quiet crisis: local government spending on disadvantage - published September 2018.

Quiet CrisisThis report looks at local government spending in England on services for disadvantaged adults and children facing disadvantage. The research shows that 97% of spending cuts are in the fifth most deprived councils despite them also having higher levels of need. 

Read the summary report here.


Value of Small - published June 2018

Value Of Small This report presents original, in-depth research into the distinctive contribution, value and experiences of small and medium-sized charities in England and Wales. 

Read the full report here 

Read the summary and case studies here 



 Trading for Good - published February 2018

Trading for GoodThis report on small and medium-sized social enterprises was written by Social Enterprise UK and commissioned by the Lloyds Bank Foundation. Trading For Good shows the important impact small to medium social enterprises are having on some of the poorest communities in the UK and calls for more to be done to encourage Government, funders and the public to ensure social enterprises are supported.


 More Than Grants - published December 2017

More Than GrantsThis series of publications, written as part of a collaboration between the Lloyds Bank Foundation and NPC, asks whether charitable foundations in the UK are doing enough—and are doing the right things—to support the voluntary and community sector. These publications include Why Grant Makers Must Learn New Tricks, How Funders Can Support Grantee Effectiveness and How Funders Can Use Their Influence For Good.


 Facing Forward - published March 2017

This report presents an analysis of the ten upcoming political, economic, social and technological changes which will affect small and medium charities working at the heart of communities.

Written by Charlotte Ravenscroft (Evidential Consulting), the analysis offers small charities a robust framework of how they can take action and adapt to changing operating landscapes, before it’s too late. 


Commissioning in Crisis - published December 2016

This research brings together the experiences of small charities who have taken part in 120 tenders and shines a spotlight on a catalogue of errors and unacceptable hoops small charities are forced to jump through to be able to continue supporting local people in need. 

The report identifies that poor commissioning practices, far from being isolated issues, are widespread. Read the Executive Summary.

Championing small but vital charities - published November 2016

This leaflet makes the case for why local charities are important and what can be done to support them.

Small and local charities play a vital role in their community but they need your help to not only survive, but thrive. A version for Wales is also available to download, as well as a version of this in Welsh which you can download here.

Small & medium-sized charities after the crash - published February 2016

This research was commissionied to better understand what is happening financially to the small and medium-sized charities we fund, why this matters, and how we can help charities to continue supporting those most at risk.

This evidence is compiled from two new independent reports: Navigating Change by NCVO and Too Small To Fail by IPPR North, funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation.


Expert yet undervalued and on the front line - published July 2015

This report details the challenges and opportunities facing charities – in their own words. It’s built upon the responses of 800 grantees to a survey earlier in 2015.

The report also highlights what funders and government need to do to enable small and medium sized charities to do what they do best: meet the needs of those most at risk.