Lloyds Bank Foundation

We partner with small and local charities across England and Wales, helping people overcome complex social issues. We’re an independent charitable trust funded by the profits of Lloyds Banking Group. 

Who We Are

Through core cost funding, developmental support and influencing policy and practice, we help make charities make life-changing impact.

We work in partnership with the charities we fund and others who share our vision. We listen, understand and respond to charities, through funding and providing developmental support we help them grow stronger and more sustainable. We influence policy and practice to help charities thrive in the future and to address the root causes and consequences of complex social issues.



Meeting the moment: Our 2020 Impact Report

In 2020, despite the odds stacked against them, small and local charities showed up and stuck around, using their position of trust to support those hardest hit by the pandemic. Throughout the year we stood by their side and became more flexible, responsive, and vocal. In our latest Impact Report, discover the ways in which our charity partners met the moment, and how we tailored our support to help them do so.

The Value of Small in a Big Crisis

This report follows on from our 2018 Value of Small research. In it, we see small and local charities’ distinctiveness in who they support, how they carry out their work, and the role they play in their communities makes them best placed to respond to this crisis. Find out more and read the full report

Small Charities Data

Small Charities Data is a digital research hub that brings together the latest and best available data on small charities in the UK. Visit the website here to explore the latest and best available data on small charities. Read about the launch of the hub here.


Learn about our 35-year history

In 2020, we marked our 35th anniversary. Over the years, we have partnered with small and local charities that support people facing complex social issues across the UK. Thirty-five years, standing side by side. View our timeline

Complex Social Issues

We partner with small and local charities helping people overcome complex social issues such as homelessness, trafficking and modern slavery and domestic abuse. 

More than just funders

Small charities’ size and understanding of the people and local communities means they’re able to make life-changing impact where others can’t. But they are under-funded, under pressure and too often ignored. That’s why we’re more than just a funder — we work in partnership with the charities we fund and others who share our vision.

Our work is based on trust and relationships, so it takes months or even years. Other funders often want to see transformation within 12 months, but life isn’t like that. When we meet our service users they’re in crisis or survival mode. They aren’t ready to talk about change immediately. It takes years to deal with a lifetime of abuse, trauma and addiction and rebuild lives. We’re very fortunate that Lloyds Bank Foundation understand that and is willing to fund it all.

Rosie Hart, Director, Kairos Women Working Together

Life-changing impact

We support over 700 small and local charities across England and Wales. Find out more about how they’re helping people overcome complex social issues and rebuild their lives.

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Bath City Farm. I have no family and when I first came I felt like I’d landed at an airport full of friendly strangers. Now, they’re like a new family. We’re all different but share a similar positive attitude. I’ve done lots of courses here and spend a lot of time gardening. I love it.

Russell from Bath City Farm, a charity supported by Lloyds Bank Foundation

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